Services Price EUR
Applications for computer and smartphone Free
Incoming calls and calls between users Free
Price per one user Contact
Latvian and foreign telephone numbers Pricelist
Tariffs for calls in Latvia and abroad Pricelist
On-site visit 30 Eur + 30 Eur/h
IP telephony setup at client's workplace 15 Eur
Number portability (switch from another operator) 20 Eur
Audio recording (LV, RU, EN) – upon request 60 Eur
Your SIM card hosting (outgoing and incoming calls) 20 Eur/month.
Your CRM telephony integration, etc. solutions 60 Eur/h
Other services Contact

* All prices are given without VAT

Where to start?

Register here.

How to pay?

You have to top-up your TelTel account, there are many payment options - bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, SMS.

How about the quality of calls?

Quality of IP telephony calls is perfect and support HD quality codec G.722. The quality of IP telephony is higher then regular telephony