How much does it cost?

Our pricing is subscription-based. Choose a plan that suits you the most or contact our representatives to get an individual offer.

Top-rated features from our customer experience

TelTel provides a wide variety of products automating call centers and boosting the performance of agents. Listening to our customers, we constantly develop new features and improve existing ones to maintain high standards. All customers have their own call center preferences and requirements hence we have an individual approach to every case. Although, there are features being an essential part for almost every customer:

  1. Predictive and Power dialers - smart dialers significantly increase the number of calls and talk time. After importing phone numbers the system automatically makes calls, once the connection is established it connects calls to free agents.
  2. Robocalls - Save time automating outbound calls. Create a campaign and call your customers automatically, playing a pre-recorded message or personalized text to speech messages.
  3. Telemarketing - a perfect tool for easy and effective communication processing large portfolios.
  4. API integration - Integrate voice calling and SMS text messages within your web and mobile apps.

What is a virtual call center?

A virtual call center is a cloud-based software with a multi-functional self-service panel and a wide range of smart tools for effective communication. No technical knowledge or hardware is required to establish a virtual call center. Only a computer, headphones, and internet connection are necessary to start working. A virtual call center enables your agents - sales and support representatives to work remotely, from anywhere in the world. Improve your service quality and boost talk time using analytical tools, automate an incoming line with pre-recorded messages, text to speech, IVR, queues, dynamic caller routing, and much more.

Give it a try within minutes

Setting up a virtual call center is easier than you could imagine - create user accounts and attach phone numbers to start calling. Agents can start making calls within minutes by simply opening a web phone and dialing the number. If you are going global and require local numbers, we simplified the acquiring process so you could order them in a self-service panel fast, along with through customer support. Already have a CRM system? Upload TelTel script and enjoy using call features in your databases directly. Create a free account to see TelTel in action!

Keep track on overall performance in real time

Traditional call centers have various downsides in terms of performance, quality control, and metrics that could be solved with virtual call center software. TelTel provides a wide range of statistical and analytical real-time tools, all included in our virtual call center solution. Listen and evaluate calls, see who's in a call, who's at lunch, who's missing calls, and how long customers have been waiting.

One workspace for all operations

Integrate your CRM or system with TelTel enabling your agents to operate in your CRM only. It allows you to make calls with a single click directly from your system and audio recordings will be attached to appropriate customers. When receiving incoming calls, client profiles automatically open in your CRM showing all client information.

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