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Debt collection and finance

Debt collection might be stressful and time-consuming without a proper strategy in place. TelTel solution has been tailored to help companies with optimizing their collection communication processes.

Sales and telemarketings

Boost your sales using auto dialer, motivate your agents using with rewards using live-monitoring TV in your call center displaying KPIs. Ensure sales quality by analyzing and monitoring calls.

Forex and gambling

Time-tested solution for Forex and Gambling industries. Increase the quality and efficiency of your call center operations with an auto dialer, call analytics, and live monitoring. Protect your databases with multi-level agent access and secure calls with SRTP and VPN. Available custom VoIP routes.

Customer service

Unload the incoming line by building a smart call flow strategy for effective support of your customers. TelTel self-service platform enables your team to focus on the quality of service by keeping track of all customer inquiries. It also improves customer experience by routing calls to the right person.

Why to choose Us?

TelTel is a telecom operator with wide range of best quality routes. Play recordings, spy calls, voice quality analyzer, conversation rate analyzer, mealtime inbound call queue waiting time analytics.

Predictive and auto dialers help to achieve a higher answer rate allowing to reach a total talk time of 400+ minutes per agent per shift. Take advantage of the click2call feature and diminish agent wait time by simply making calls with one click. Increase efficiency by up to 30% by placing a live-monitoring TV in your call center. Display the real-time performance of your agents to motivate them by creating a competitive spirit.

Agent training often lacks feedback on live interaction with customers, that is why TelTel provides tools that automatically identify calls you should pay attention to. Facilitate quality control and training of your agents, enabling team leaders and managers to listen to calls incognito in real-time (spy mode). Playback calls, monitor waiting time, analyze network quality (MOS) and conversation quality. We provide a wide range of real-time statistical metrics that show how long customers wait in each call queue, operator loads, average talk time, call count, average waiting time, answer rate, etc.

TelTel automates a significant part of call center operations, increasing efficiency and saving agents time with features like click2call, customer identification, routing to specific agents, text to speech and more. Integrate TelTel with your system, and work with your contacts in one place to save agents time on switching between applications. Create Robocalls campaigns and make automatic calls to your customers with pre-recorded messages or text to speech, without involving agents. Using SMS and email templates, send follow-up messages to customers right after calls. With Call flow builder create custom inbound call schemes adapted to your business processes, using intelligent features - IVR, audio payback messages, working hours, customer priority identification, SMS messages, email messages, personalized text to speech messages, HTTP API connection, assigning customers to current agents, queues, and multiple strategies. There are many ways to route incoming calls effectively by allocating them between departments or specific agents.

TelTel is a telecom operator with its own built software having plenty of interconnections with global operators. We ensure stable connection and best quality routes to any destination worldwide. Our traffic monitoring system tracks processes beyond what is available to standalone telecommunication providers including all end-point server connection quality monitoring, dynamic channel provision for campaigns, and automatic connections to alternative routes for every single call. Multiple server nodes in different locations will grant the uptime by switching to another server on datacenter failure.Customer support is always in touch and can find a necessary route upon your request. In addition, custom local provider integrations are available.

Organize your workflow from anywhere in the world through an internet browser. TelTel is a cloud solution and does not require any hardware equipment or third-party programs, work from any PC using any browser. Simply login into a TelTel account or your CRM system to start calling using a webphone.

AI-powered Call Center

  • Realtime AI assistant using Chat GPT
  • Robo calls with custom text to speech
  • Analyze call conversation success rate
  • Transcribe spoken words into text
  • Answering machine detection
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