Destination Local* EUR
Latvia Mobile BITE Yes 0.019
Latvia Mobile LMT Yes 0.019
Latvia Mobile Tele2 Yes 0.019
Latvia fix Yes 0.057
Latvia free Yes 0.007
Latvia mobile Yes 0.019
Latvia Mobile BITE No 0.397
Latvia Mobile LMT No 0.397
Latvia Mobile Tele2 No 0.397
Latvia fix No 0.357
Latvia free No 0.357
Latvia mobile No 0.397
No data available in table
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Tariff plan information

  • Rates are per minute without VAT;
  • No connection fee;
  • Billing increment 1 second;
  • Local* - calls from local number (caller id);
  • Contact us to select to different tariff plan;
  • Rates are subjected to change without notice.

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