• Build your own call center
    within few minutes!

  • International calls
    at incredibly low rates!

Virtual call center

Free telephony center that provides outgoing and incoming calls via Internet with a wide range of functionality for your business. »

Phone numbers (DID)

To receive calls, you can buy all kinds of Latvian and foreign numbers and forward them to a call center or a mobile phone. »

The lowest rates

Call within Latvia or abroad for a couple of cents per minute. Call from your phone without changing current operator or SIM card.»


Call recordings and reports

You can playback audio for each call. Real-time call reports and statistics.

Call center

Predictive dialer and click2call decrease agents dialing time. With auto dialer blast recordered message automaticly to all numbers.

Queues of incoming calls

In background customer hear music and call is forwarded to all or the first available operator.

API Integration into your system

For example, incoming calls will be registered in your CRM together with the call audio playback.

Standard PBX functions

Free internal and incoming calls, call holding on the line, short numbering, forwarding and transfer, call spy.

Time control

Telephone system operates in different modes, for example, playing a message outside working hours.

Simultaneous calls

Multiple clients can call to one number at the same time. Calls will be diverted to free operators.

Int. voice response (IVR)

A customer can choose the conversation topic, for example, a language by pressing the corresponding key.

Audio notifications

You can upload your own audio notifications. A greeting message or an order status is played for a customer.

Device compatibility

To make or place calls, you can use - IP phones, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.


For example, if the operator can not be reached, the caller or the operator can receive a text message, an email or HTTP notifications.

Number portability

If you already have numbers, we are able to take over from your operator or divert through the SIP channel.