Boost calls and talk time

Achieve maximum capacity of talk time by increasing call count. Auto dialer facilitates the conduct of your outbound campaigns, doing the dialing job instead of agents. Once the connection is established with the customer, the call will be diverted to a free agent - in such a way your team is taking only answered calls instead of making them. There are multiple settings allowing to regulate speed, post-processing time, ring time, answering machine detection, and more to achieve a maximum capacity

Track performance in real time

Monitor the performance of your auto dialer campaigns in real-time and make adjustments to make it even more smooth and efficient. All parameters are available in the live monitoring tool and could be customized to increase agent effectiveness even more.

Automate process

Using an auto dialer campaign in TelTel dashboard, calls are forwarded to free agents when customers pick up a phone call. Furthermore, pop-ups with customer information with predefined custom data entry fields open on the agent's screen.

Eliminate auto replies

Answering machine detection is a crucial technology for auto dialers allowing to distinguish real human pick-ups from voicemails and IVRs, optimizing call center performance. Ensure your agents are not wasting time listening to answering machines and implement a smart mechanism to identify and bypass such calls.

One workspace for all operations

Integrate our auto dialer to your system enabling your agents to operate in your CRM only. Get instant access to customer cards with necessary data when calls are diverted to your agents, allowing them to quickly orient viewing customer history and make notes during calls. All calls and audio recordings are saved in your CRM and attached to appropriate customers.

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